The largest cryptocurrency OTC Network in Hong Kong

OTCxpert is a premier crypto OTC network based in Hong Kong that offers a range of services to help traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Our reseller network provides seamless OTC services across different districts in Hong Kong, making it easy for traders to access our services no matter where they are.

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Spending card

Bridging the gap between
traditional payment systems and cryptocurrency

At OTCxpert, we offer a spending card that enables users to spend their cryptocurrency in real time. This innovative service bridges the gap between traditional payment systems and cryptocurrency by allowing users to easily convert their digital assets into fiat currency that can be used for everyday transactions. With our spending card, you can spend your cryptocurrency at millions of merchants worldwide.

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Your digital assets are in safe hands

With the increasing value and importance of digital assets, it’s essential to have a reliable and secure storage solution. Our custodian service utilizes the latest industry standards in security and technology to provide an institutional-grade custody solution. Our custody service supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and we employ a multi-signature cold storage solution to ensure the safety of our clients’ assets. Our platform offers clients the ability to track their holdings and transaction history in real-time.

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